Rethinking Writing Instruction

Other positive comments

♦ “I am on sabbatical now, but when I teach my architectural criticism class next year I am going to have them buy/order your writing guide, if possible.  As texting replaces writing, I now realize they need the shock therapy that you offer. All the best, John, and keep fighting the good fight.” –Michael Lewis, Professor of Art History, Williams College

♦ “I have used the CWG more extensively this semester than I ever have before and am convinced more than ever of its effectiveness. I’ve even used it some with my 8th grade homeschooler.  I do have a request: Can you send another copy of the CWG to me? Mine has fallen apart from use.” –David Abner, instructor, Bluegrass Community and Technical College, Lexington KY

♦ “I love the guide; it was especially helpful in teaching abstract to concrete nouns, eliminating there is/there are, and using active verbs. I didn’t get far into titles or body tags since I’m teaching AP language, though if I still taught journalism I would have used those exercises. I like that the guide is concise and that there are many examples to use in a short warm-up or reminder at the start of class. The guide has definitely made my job easier.” –Michelle Norton Maiers, AP English Language, Lambert High School, Suwanee, GA.

♦ “The papers so far have been noticeably better than in past years. More A’s, fewer C’s. Thanks very much for your book!” –Mark Leib at the University of South Florida in Tampa. He specified the CWG as a supplemental text to his Intro to Drama and Literature course, and then taught some writing lessons based on it.

” Per your request, I’ve sent you the essay I wrote called “Peace, Eviction, Recovery” when I was in your class.
To make it straight, I’ve learnt a lot from you about writing. Even now, I still clearly remember you taught us to make the essay ACTIVE and CONCRETE.  To me, it was contradicting what my Chinese teacher taught us.  ‘To impress people, make it abstract enough for readers to think twice before they fully understand the real meaning of it.’  Now I understand how it works in U.S. Thank you.” –Sokthai Tang, an immigrant from Vietnam. He wrote this note a year after taking my course.

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