Rethinking Writing Instruction

Why the College Writing Guide is unique


  • The College Writing Guide focuses on achieving a clear style and making it habitual.
  • It’s the only book of its sort.
  • The lessons are self-contained and easy for new instructors to use.
  • Its simple step-by-step layout makes it perfect for an inexperienced teacher to use in a writing intensive course. All the exercises have been tested over two decades.
  • It uses a unique readability approach, with tools and techniques that no other textbook has.
  • Professors in fields like art history, music and engineering assign it in writing-intensive seminars.
  • Students gain skills and confidence fast with this “readability” approach. They are given activities that build from simple to more complex. This method is about being interesting–and because all students want that, they love the approach. Students say “I never knew writing was this easy.”
  • Teachers call the book “wonderful.”
  • This small book is as unique in its own way as Strunk & White or Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones. Some teachers call it “a game changer” and “one of a kind.”
  • This book teaches the small writing skills that add up to the big skill of writing. It teaches the five skills inside the big skill. No one else does that.
  • This book is the text that first gained national exposure in this break-through article.
  • Order a copy, see for yourself, and then decide if you want to order it for your section. I have posted prices for shipping to the U.S. and Canada. If you are elsewhere than the US or Canada, you must write me for shipping information.
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