Rethinking College Writing Instruction

Monthly archive for January 2018

RW enlarges student empathy for reader

Readable Writing only looks odd or seems odd. In fact, it’s quite close to what we teachers currently do. The difference is this: we recombine standard elements of writing instruction into a different sequence with a slightly different target goal. We wanted students to think all the time about the […]

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How is writing like juggling on a unicycle?

An open letter to Dr. Douglas Hesse at the University of Denver. In which I complain that the composition profession doesn’t understand writing that well. In which I assert that writing is much more like juggling while on a unicycle than the composition profession thinks. I sent this on 1/18/2018. […]

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Steven Pinker on style

Pinker gave an excellent talk at Oxford a few years back. He’s completely right about almost everything he says, and his analysis of how academic writing goes wrong is spot on. Take a look.

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