Rethinking Writing Instruction

An assignment on “ambition” with concrete nouns and people

Write 600 words on ambition, taking any angle at all.

Working titles or narrow topics could include any of the following:

My sense of ambition
How I learned what ambition really is
How I learned ambition
Ambition makes no sense
An ambitious person I would like to imitate
I am starting to change my mind about ambition
A story of blocked ambition

In this paper you will bring in people and objects to embody the abstract idea of “ambition.” You will use 20 objects and lots of personal language, including names and direct quotes.  End the paper with the word “ambition.”

HInt: The best way to meet these style contraints is to tell one or more stories in your paper.

(Instructors: This exercise is suitable for week 3 or 4 of the course.)

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