Rethinking College Writing Instruction



Here’s recent news about the Readable Writing movement and the book:

  1. I attended the NEATE conference in Mansfield MA in October 2017, gave the keynote at a one-day seminar on ESL and First-Year Writing in Houston in February, 2018. and had a booth at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Kansas City in March.
  2. I wrote about Rudolf Flesh recently at the Martin Center’s website

If it’s been a year or more since you bought the College Writing Guide, you may have missed these activities::

  1. The article that generated the most uproar and the most links was “Mr. Miyagi” in the Washington Post.
  2. Article asserting that objects are more important than ideas ran in the Atlantic and also generated a good deal of traffic.
  3. Here, if you haven’t seen it, is my chalk talk about readability done about a year ago before my new eating plan and weight loss.



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